Get insights from Twitter for journalism, science or brandexperience.

Network visualization of topics, people and hashtags.

Honest pricing and a fitting offer based on your requirements and usage.

Sentiment analysis of the global twitter network to quickly chart opinions. 

Gather relevant and accurate information about Twitter users

Let's say you want investigate whether festivities in Tokio or New York are more fun. TwitterTap's query engine enables you to intuitively gather and cluster all tweets concerning your question. The TwitterTap topic dashboard then brings you a clear-cut data analysis allowing you to see all connections between the relevant tweets and to draw the right conclusions in the blink of an eye.  

Analysing Twitter has never been this simple.

Reveal the connections

Hear what’s being said

Quick and effortless insights in public debate about topics you find interesting.
TwitterTap collects tweets from Twitter and prepares them for prime data analysis, bringing you interactive network graphs, key players, topics and interactions of the Twitter network both in realtime and retroactively. TwitterTap provides you with numerous tools for research, like sentiment analysis, interactive embedding, Twitter-account categorization, troll identification and fake news detection. 

Quick and efficient Twitter analyses.
What is Twitter talking about? Does Twitter host more than just mudslinging? Where does fake news originate and where are the trolls hiding? TwitterTap enables you to answer these questions. TwitterTap’s account categorization highlights the interesting and suspicious tweeters for further analysis. 

Frequently asked questions

What does TwitterTap cost?

Prices vary per users, since the usage is still too diverse throughout our customers. We are a start-up that wants to grow with our users. For you that means that we spend time to get you properly on-boarded so you can optimally use the TwitterTap.

How does pulling in the tweets work?

We use 3 methods of collecting tweets:

  1. First we check if there are already Tweets on our servers that meet your criteria
  2. Then we pull in new tweets that date from after you put in the searchquery
  3. PAID: You can also choose to pull in tweets more quickly by downloading all current tweets that meet your criteria. This will bring extra costs. We will make them clear to you during your month trial. The costs have to do with the Twitter policy to make current tweets paid.
Who uses TwitterTap?

TwitterTapis being used throughout 3 industries:

  1. Journalism
  2. Science & research
  3. Brands

In most cases the users are data-analists, marketeers and jouralists looking for awnsers to their assumptions and the monitoring of certain subjects. They can perform their tasks actively; by doing a searchquery of themselves or analyse one of ours. Or they can perfom their tasks passively by monitoring various subjects.

How does the TwitterTap work?

The TwitterTap is all about finding and making connections between tweets within a searchquery. This searchquery can be refined to any detail you want. Save this searchquery when you're done and the system will go to work for you.

Once enough tweets are found you can create a network.This will take a few seconds depending on your computer. Afterwards your research work can begin.

The good thing about TwitterTap is that it clusters tweets that belong together. This way you can quickly see various interest areas within your searchquery. You can zoom in on these clusters to research the connections, up untill the level of actually reading the tweets. And the good thing is; we store all tweets. Even if the owner deleted the tweet you can still see it.

With the information you find in TwitterTap you can form solid articles for journalism and science. Or you can monitor the brand sentiment as a brand manager and find what subjects are relevant around your brand. It is a powerful tool that can take a lot of work out of your hands.

What can I do with TwitterTap?

Use TwitterTap to:

  1. Find new subjects to write about
  2. Substantiate an article that you want to write with real oppinions/data of people
  3. Detect fake news before you publish it
  4. Quickly intercept if your brand is talked about badly on Twitter
  5. Monitor how people think and speak about your brand
  6. Write scientific articles
  7. Do scientific research
What can I expect from the free trial month?

The free trial month is there to allow you to discover all the benefits TwitterTap has to offer for you. You will receive an account for our online app, allowing you to explore all functionalities. In addition, the TwitterTap team invites you for a meeting to help you create your first twitter data analyses and to discuss how the TwitterTap can work for you to make you a fitting offer.

Is your question not on the FAQ?

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