TwitterTap:                    See the bigger picture

There are 500 million tweets sent each day. That's 6,000 tweets every second.

It is impossible to keep track of it all. What if there would be an online tool that would help you locate the information you’re looking for?We offer a solution.

A low cost, simple method to get your data and facts organized/structured/simplified. Twittertap focuses on interactions to identify important content. Don’t scroll through an endless feed. Simply zoom in and out!


Twitter-analysis was never this simple before

Experience how we build a network

Through having a searchquery on a specific subject, account, place or period the system will search relevant tweets that are available for you. These tweets will be clustered and they will together form a web of tweets; the network.


Netwerkvisualisatie rondom specifieke thema’s, mensen, woorden en hashtags.

Datavisualisatie over een langere periode, in real-time en met terugwerkende kracht.

Sentimentanalyse van tweets wereldwijd in positief, negatief en neutraal.