Gather relevant and accurate information about Twitter users

Let's say you want investigate whether festivities in Tokio or New York are more fun. TwitterTap's query engine enables you to intuitively gather and cluster all tweets concerning your question. The TwitterTap topic dashboard then brings you a clear-cut data analysis allowing you to see all connections between the relevant tweets and to draw the right conclusions in the blink of an eye.  

Analysing Twitter has never been this simple.

Experience how we build up a network

Through having a searchquery on a specific subject, account and/or place or period the system will search relevant tweets that are available for you. These tweets will be clustered and will together form a web of tweets; the network.


Network visualization of topics, people and hashtags.

Honest pricing and a fitting offer based on your requirements and usage.

Sentiment analysis of the global twitter network to quickly chart opinions. 

Reveal the connections