Get insights from Twitter for journalism, science or brandexperience.

Netwerkvisualisatie rondom specifieke thema’s, mensen, woorden en hashtags.

Datavisualisatie over een langere periode, in real-time en met terugwerkende kracht.

Sentimentanalyse van tweets wereldwijd in positief, negatief en neutraal.

TwitterTap:                    See the bigger picture

There are 500 million tweets sent each day. That's 6,000 tweets every second.

It is impossible to keep track of it all. What if there would be an online tool that would help you locate the information you’re looking for?We offer a solution.

A low cost, simple method to get your data and facts organized/structured/simplified. Twittertap focuses on interactions to identify important content. Don’t scroll through an endless feed. Simply zoom in and out!


Twitter-analysis was never this simple before

For researchers:

Check out this case study in which the Dutch Twitter networks on #omvolking and #tribunalen (Great Replacement and Tribunals) have been analysed by Twittertap


Visualise and explore discussions

By visualising the tweets in a network, discussions and interactions become apparent. No matter the size of the discussion, the TwitterTap platform provides an intuitive and clear high-level overview of the discussion. By zooming in, the TwitterTap also enables you to dive into the details of such a discussion.

Detect fake news before it becomes news

We discovered that fake news tweets can be revealed through network analysis. This is where the TwitterTap comes in. With the TwitterTap it is possible to detect fake news tweets and when they become part of the discussion between a wider audience.

The advantages of a proprietary database

TwitterTap gathers data in real-time. This way the data are not influenced by the search algorithm of Twitter. In addition, the deletion or suspension of an individual account or tweet does not delete the tweet from our databases. This allows the user to research the impact of a tweet even after was deleted.

Analyse the sentiment of the discussion

TwitterTap enables you to not only analyse tweets by volume and network, but also by revealing the mood or sentiment of the discussion. This is categorised by positive, negative or neutral, visualised by colourtags.

Export raw data for you own research

TwitterTap enables you to export the query results as raw data to standard formats such as: JSON, CSV and XLSX, so you can use your own data-analysis tools. TwitterTap also has the ability to follow a discussion over a longer period of time, which is helpfull for research and investigative journalism. 

Hear what’s being said

Quick and effortless insight in public debate TwitterTap collects tweets from Twitter for prime data analysis, bringing you interactive network graphs, key twitter accounts, trending hashtags, topics and interactions of the Twitter network both in realtime and retroactively. TwitterTap offers numerous tools for research, like sentiment analysis, interactive embedding, Twitter-account categorisation, troll identification and fake news detection

Frequently asked questions

What does the TwitterTap cost?

Prizes vary per user, because usage and size are still to divers with our current users. We are a start-up that wants to grow with it's users. For you this means we are willing to think along, so you can use TwitterTap to it's best advantages. 

How does collecting the tweets work?

We collect tweets via 3 different routes:

1. First we check if there are already tweets on our server that meet your criteria.                                                  2. These tweets are suplemented with new tweets that come in from the moment you start a searchquery.          3. PAID: you can also choose to do an accelarated searchquery and collect current tweets. There are extra costs connected to this that we will clearify during the trial month. These costs are due to Twitter policy that you canb only collect current tweets against payment.   

Who uses TwitterTap?

TwitterTap is mainly being used by professionals within 3 branches:

  1. Journalism
  2. Research and Universities
  3. Brandmangers

In most cases it is about data-analysists, brandmanagers and journalists looking for answers to their assumptions and monitoring certain subjects. This can be done actively; by doing a searchquery of your own or analysing on of ours, or passively; by doing al kinds of searchqueries and thereby keeping track of certain subjects.

How does the TwitterTap work?

TwitterTap is about finden and connecting tweets within a searchquery. You can set up this searchquery yourself to the level you need. You then save this searchquery and our system goes to work to collect all the tweets you that meet your criteria. 

If enough tweets are gathered, you can use this information to have a tweet network made. This can take a few seconds depending on your computer. And then your reasearch can begin. 

The nice thing about the network TwitterTap makes for you is that you immediatly see clusters of tweets. This helps you sort through the different interests within your searchquery. You can zoom in to study connections, up to the level of actually reading the tweets. The best thing: we save all the tweets, even if the owner deleted them.

With this information you can write substantiated articles for journalistic or scientific purposes or as a brandmanger monitor the sentiment and topics relebvant to your brand. A powerfull tool that takes a lot of work off of your hands and gives you clearity.

What can I do with TwitterTap?

Use TwitterTap to:

  1. Write an article you wish to write substantiated with real opinions and data.
  2. Detect fake news before publishing.
  3. Quickly see how people are talking and thinking about your brand.
  4. Write scientific articles.
  5. Do scientific research.
    What can I expect from the free trial month?

    As soon as you leave your details, we get to work for you. We make an account for you so you can use TwitterTap yourself and we like to plan a meetup to help you with your first searchquery. We also like to discuss how you want to use TwitterTap and make a fitting offer so you can keep on using TwitterTap even after your trail month. No worries, first try TwitterTap for free, without obligation.